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   Private School Transportation Service


1. Will my child have the same driver every time?

Answer: Normally it is always the same driver, you can have a driver in the morning and another in the afternoon, but normally they are the same.

2.  Are all drivers background and driving records checked and acceptable?

Answer: We did a full check of the background to all our drivers before starting to work with us. Most of our drivers are ladies who have children in the schools to which we provide service and their children are on the same route.

3. What type of vehicle will be picking/dropping off my child?

Answer: Most of our fleet are Ford E-350 and we have Ford E-450 Minibus too. Depending on where you are located, the unit is assigned


4. Do I have to make a service contract for the entire school year?

Answer: This is based on a weekly service, it is not a contract and be canceled at any time within a 15 day notice. If we don't receive the 15 day notice the deposit will be non-refundable. The deposit can be used for the last week of service


5. Do I have to pay for the registration?

Answer: No we don't charge registration fee.

The company requires a week deposit in advance. The value of the deposit is according to the address and type of service, normally it is for the same value of the service week.


6. What happens if my child only uses the service 2 days in a week because we go on vacation?

Answer: ON THE WAY PRIVATE SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, works every day of the school calendar, our service must be paid in full, whether your child attends only 1,2,3 days or nome, we do not charge for the days that the school is not open; for example Christmas, Thanksgiving and Spring break

7. Does the service pay monthly, biweekly or weekly? What day do I have to pay for it?

Answer: Our service must be paid weekly. Your payment is due every Monday. All payments made after Wednesday of the same week will be charged a $5.00 late fee.

ON THE WAY PRIVATE SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, works every day of the school calendar

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